staff jason.jpg

Jason magnuson

Pastor of Student Ministries

Family: Kayla (Spouse), Ada, Grayson

Things Jason likes: Camping, building relationships, video games, coffee, dancing with my daughter

What Jason loves most about Muskegon: The proximity to Lake Michigan and the exciting growth and hope that the people of Muskegon have about their communities.


staff joy.jpg

Joy Rosema

Administrative Assistant

Family: Aaron (Spouse), Alyson, Daniel, Emily, Katelyn

Things Joy likes: Reading, Starbucks coffee and impromptu coffee dates with friends, spending time with family.

What Joy loves most about Muskegon: Hiking Hoffmaster State Park and simply living around family.


staff jeremy.jpg

Jeremy Sandison

Pastor of WOrship Arts

Family: Jacquie (Spouse), Jude, Owen, Lyra

Things Jeremy likes: Camping, building things, good music, good coffee, explaining Star Wars to my kids, and the greatest work of cinematic art ever created: Moana.

What Jeremy loves most about Muskegon: The growing sense of hope and togetherness in the community. Tied for second place are the many places to enjoy the outdoors in the area and the hibachi grill at Asian Buffet.


staff keith.jpg

Keith Sandison

Pastor of Teaching

Family: Emily (Spouse), Nora, Charlie, Henry

Things Keith likes: Wrestling matches with my kiddos. Football. Conversations—especially theology—over coffee. Epic movies. Outer space. A good night’s sleep.

What Keith loves most about Muskegon: The people and their stories and their dreams. God’s work among the community of churches. Brooklyn Bagels. Bonfires and sunsets at Pere Marquette.


staff rebecca.jpg

REbecca Yonker

Children's ministry director

Family: David (Spouse), Broedy, Gavin, Raelyn, Sydnie, Kadein, Myles, Adalyn, Brooklyn

Things Rebecca likes:  Camping, Reading, Winter, Downhill Skiing, Starbucks coffee, Scrib's pizza, Bonfires and spending time with family.

What Rebecca loves most about Muskegon: Growing up in Muskegon, I took advantage of all that Muskegon has to offer. It wasn't until I moved out of state for a few years that I learned to appreciate all that the area has to offer. By far, my favorite thing about Muskegon is the beaches, sand dunes and lakes. I love that we get to experience the four seasons of weather and love all the local restaurants and businesses that Muskegon offers that you don't find in other areas.